The P11D is a statutory form requested by HMRC by UK-based employers that detail the cash equivalents of benefits and expenses given to their employees and directors, mainly during the tax year. Benefits in kind are reported using the P11D method.

Your employer provides products or services in addition to your wages, such as private healthcare, interest-free loans (for example, to pay for train season tickets) and company vehicles. You will report these things to HMRC on your annual Self Assessment return using the yearly P11D form.

What information does a P11D form contain?

The employee’s basic identifying information is included on a P11D form (including their name, date of birth, National Insurance number and so on). The remaining document would detail any benefits provided in addition to their regular pay.

The form includes sections on everything from lodging and mileage reimbursement to credit cards and vouchers. HMRC uses this information to determine if the employee (staff) owes any tax on their compensation.

Who can file a P11D?

P11Ds are filed by the employer, not the employee, though many contractors and freelancers consider them the same.

Sections on the P11D

There are presently 14 sections on P11D, which are as follows:

Section AAssets Transferred
Section BPayments made on behalf of the employee
Section CCredit Cards and vouchers
Section DLiving Accommodation
Section EMileage Allowances
Section FCars and car fuel
Section GCompany Vans
Section HBeneficial Loans
Section IMedical Health
Section JQualifying Relocation Payments
Section KServices supplied
Section LAssets placed at employee’s disposal
Section MOther Items
Section NExpense payment

P11D deadline

P11D filings aren’t related to a fiscal year, and they all have to be submitted by July 6 of the following year. As a result, P11Ds for the tax year ranging April 6, 2020, to April 5, 2021 must be filed by July 6, 2021.

If you miss the deadline of July 6 (either online or on paper), you won’t be penalised right away; you’ll have about a fortnight to correct your mistakes and submit. If your P11D is still missing after July 19, your company (not you personally) will be fined £100 per month (or part month) for every 50 employees.